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Sport & Leisure Activities

Fun (Snowboard) Park at Kartola

Momchill Adventure logoMomchilovtsi offers many leisure and sporting activities the most popular of which is The Fun (Snowboard) Park at Kartola which is located just outside the village of Momchilovtsi. Click here for map/directions to the Fun Park
The Fun Park is the perfect place to test and improve your skills or simply enjoy the winter fun activities such as skiing, snowboarding, skidoo-ing in wide open spaces and snow trekking through the forests. There are also many summer-time activities and fun such as climbing, mountain biking, walking, hiking, trekking and paint balling and much more.

The Fun Park has many amenities such as hire of ski boots, skis and poles, skidoos and tuition can be arranged. It also has its own cafe with hot and cold refreshments. The views from the top of Kartola are spectacular and breathtaking over the surrounding forests and mountains. It is also a wonderful place for families with children to have fun playing in the snow.

Opening hours and Hire Prices at Kartola

  • Opening hours: 9 a.m. - 17.00 p.m. every day
  • Lift pass for one person:
    • One Day Pass - 10 leva for adults; 7 leva for children
    • Two Day Pass - 15 leva for adults; 10 leva for children
    • Three Day Pass - 38 leva for adults; 25 leva for children
    • Five Day Pass - 60 leva for adults; 40 leva for children
  • Skis and snowboard hire including boots:
    • 20 leva for adults
    • 10 leva for children
  • Ski-doos (snow mobiles) are also available for hire


Wall & Rock Climbing Mountain biking Paintballing Skiing
Wall and Rock Climbing Mountain biking Paint balling Skiing
Ski-dooing Snowboarding Swimming Trecking through the Forests
Ski-doos Snowboarding Swimming Snow trekking


Click this link for short video about the picturesque village of Momchilovtsi, and leisure activities at the Kartola Fun (Snowboard) Park and surrounding areas

Click this link for map/directions to Kartola - the Fun (Snowboard) Park

Chapels, their locations and their meanings

But if you wish to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the village you may wish to take the guided walk of the 24 chapels. These 24 Chapels are placed in a circle surrounding Momchilovtsi and signify a "fire ring". According to legend they were built to protect the inhabitants and the village from evil and diseases and from further invasion.

You can visit all of these Chapels on a guided walk. The tour has been split into 3 walks which travel along the east, north and west boundaries of the Village.

So, whether you are simply looking for leisurely walking round the village, take the guided tour of the beautiful, unique chapels, joint the trips & excursions to see places of interest in and around Momchilovtsi or want the more active winter sports fun at the Fun (Snowboard) Park Momchilovtsi has something for everyone of all ages.

Note: for further information about the Chapels, their locations and meanings see our Chapels page. For the guided walks please contact the Tourist Information Centre (details on the Contacts & Information page)

Tourist Information Centre, Cultural Centre, 5 Elitsa Str. Momchilovtsi Village 4750, Smolyan District, Bulgaria